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<h1 class=Lionytics™ CipherPAD Simple to use, yet powerful text editor that allows you to encrypt text files using industry standard algorithms.

Pre-loaded with countless user-friendly options not available in other encryption and editing programs.

Complete one-stop editing solution.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Integrates into windows shell.
  • Can load both local files and internet files.
  • Cryptography features: Hashing, Encoding, Encryption, and more.
  • Syntax hightlighting for web based-files.
  • Multi-document Interface. Load many documents at once.
  • Unlimited amount of documents can be loaded**
  • HTML document validation.
  • Supports drag and drop.
  • Built in Secure password generator.
  • Built in GUID generator.
  • Built in CSS minifier.
  • Document line sort.
  • Line prefix and suffix wizard, convert text blocks into code.
  • Convert single to double quotes and vice versa.
  • Advanced Multi-document search and replace.
  • Built in file explorer.
  • Integrated project support.
  • Clipboard manager, access anything that is or has been on the windows Clipboard.
  • Integrated DropBox support, unlimited profiles.
  • Load and save from DropBox, BoxSync and OneDrive Folders.
  • Integrated FTP support, unlimited profiles.
  • Saves files as Text or Encrypted data files.
  • Full control over encryption configuration.
  • Syntax highlighting for most popular development languages.
  • Uses industry standard encryption.
  • Supports code folding.
  • Supports line cloning.
  • Supports document cloning.
  • Quick upper/lower case selection.
  • Image conversion.
  • Launches document(s) with external applications.
  • Easily moves blocks of text up or down.
  • Configurable hot-key mapping.
  • Hash selected text or complete selected line.
  • Select text - single click search within document.
  • Identify location in a document using Document Mapping.
  • Auto-saves files, ensuring that all your edits are saved regularly.
  • Supports basic editing features (indentation, code folding, etc).
  • Supports Bookmarking
  • Includes file differentiation wizard. Finds differences between similar files.
  • Export any file to HTML or RTF.
  • Preview your web-based files with internal preview tool.
  • Preview your web-based files in the default browser.
  • Auto-completion for C# language *
  • Bracket completion.
  • Configurable unlimited external tools.
  • Snippets for most popular development languages.
  • Comprehensive string manipulation (upper/lower/proper/Capitalize case, string reversing etc).
  • Line bookmarking.
  • Search in active or all open documents.
  • Colour conversion wizard. Insert colour in various formats.
  • Enhanced Clipboard features.
And much more.
* other languages to be included.
** dependant on memory available.


CipherPAD About screen          CipherPAD loading documents screen         
CipherPAD dropbox screen          CipherPAD ftp screen         
CipherPAD image conversion screen          CipherPAD project screen         
CipherPAD hotkeys screen          CipherPAD preferences screen         
CipherPAD document mapping          CipherPAD preferences screen         
CipherPAD differential wizard          CipherPAD save as encrypted         
CipherPAD goto line screen          CipherPAD dropbox configuration         

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