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Test data generation, an important part of software testing, is the process of creating a set of data for testing the adequacy of new or revised software applications

Some data may be used in a confirmatory way, typically to verify that a given set of input to a given function produces some expected result. Other data may be used in order to challenge the ability of the program to respond to unusual, extreme, exceptional, or unexpected input.

Lionytics™ Data Generator generates reliable and realistic test data, if you need 50 or 50 billion records, Lionytics will generate the required data. With it's unique GeoLock™ feature you can generate truly geographically correct datasets.


  • Generate reliable and realistic test data.
  • Uses multi-threading, get your data faster.
  • Generate small or large volumes of test data.
  • More than 85 builtin generators.
  • Intuitive project wizard. Create projects in 3 easy steps.
  • Create your own generator with customizable data.
  • Generates data for multiple platforms.
  • Exports data to: CSV,Yaml,JSON,XML,MySQL,SQLITE,MS SQL,MS Excel,MS Access,MS SQL-CE
         HTML,SQLText, and MongoDB.
  • Geo Lock™

    Lock your data to specific region.
  • Supported countries; Canada, Netherlands, Australia, United Kingdom & USA.
            North american test data will generate phone numbers that are located within the selected state or province.
            Non North American test data will generate phone numbers based on the the selected country.
            IPAddresses are based on the selected country and will resolve to that country when verified.
            Email addresses, userid's, and urls are all normalized based on selected name, company name, and/or url.
            Names, streetnames and other geographical data will be generated based on the selected country.
            Social Security numbers (SIN/SSN/NIN/BSN & Australian tax numbers) will be generated based on selected country.
  • Automatically correlates data to specified region.
  • Random data generator will generate data that falls outside the supported regions.

Sample Data

Screen Shots

Lionytics data generator -  Main screen
Lionytics data generator -  Processing screen
Lionytics data generator -  Project wizard screen
Lionytics data generator -  Configuration screen


Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
Minimum of 2gb RAM.
Minimum Disk space requirement 50mb.
Minimum 4 Core CPU.

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