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Lionytics™ .NET Library

With Lionytics™ you can mask, anonymize, de-identify, and encrypt your data. No need for indepth knowledge about data masking, anonymization, de-identification or encryption technologies. The library is designed to be used by novice, intermediate and expert developers, with a few simple calls you can protect any data. Lionytics™ supports .NET 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5 & 4.5.1, you can use it in windows forms or web applications.

Helper libraries for Microsoft SQL, MySQL, SQLite, CSV, & XML are included.

Lionytics™ for .NET comes with extensive documentation, data samples, and demo projects. And, for a limited time we include our Web Security library in for free!. There are 2 delivery methods for Purchasing, ESD & USB.

Code Samples

public void MaskData() 
 Mask Masker = new Mask();  
 Masker.CharacterSign = '@'; 
 Masker.NumberSign = '#';  

 string Email = Masker.EmailAddress("[email protected]", true)); 
 string CreditCard = Masker.CreditCard("2222-2222-2222-2222",false)); 
 string AllText = text = Masker.AllText(fulltext, false);
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
public void AnonymizeData() 
 Anonymize Anon = new Anonymize();  
 string Email = Anon.EmailAddress("[email protected]", true)); 
 string CreditCard = Anon.CreditCard("2222-2222-2222-2222",false)); 
 string AllText = text = Anon.AllText(fulltext, false);
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

public void EncryptData()
 Encryption Enc = new Encryption();    
 Enc.passPhrase = "te$T";   
 Enc.saltValue = "$altyCh1ps"; 

 string MyEncryptedText = Enc.EncryptString("thisisatest", "testing"));
 string MyDecryptedText = Enc.DecryptStrin("eHcUwIRXxngi1mr6RVpx2g==", "testing"));
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
public void EncryptFile() 
 Encryption EncFile = new Encryption(); 

 EncFile.EncryptFile(@"TestData.csv", @"TestData.Encrypted.csv", "1234567890123456"); 
 EncFile.DecryptFile(@"TestData.Encrypted.csv", @"TestData.Decrypted.csv", "1234567890123456");
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
public void GenerateTestData()
 // Generate test data on the fly.
 // Fill file testdata.csv with 1000 rows of data.
 TestData td = new TestData();
 td.GenerateTestData(@"TestData.csv", 1000);

Lionytics™ for .NET manual

Lionytics™for .NET comes with extensive documentation.

Your can preview the Lionytics manual here.

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