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Lionytics™ Anti-Spam API

Lionytics™ makes it possible for software developers to include anti-spam barriers in their code. Not only does Lionytics™ scan for known spammers on Twitter, Google+, FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumbler, and Pinterest, it also keeps track of Spam, Email, X-rated, phishing, 419 scam, BotNets, malware domains and much more. Lionytics is complete! It scans and detects explicit content, MLM marketing, and even pharmaceutical spam. We constantly update our data, and new categories are added on a regular basis.

The Lionytics™ API makes it easy for developers to include this functionality in almost any application. The data returned is in either JSON or XML format, making it multi-platform and easy to include in mobile and web applications. With Lionytics you can also mask and encrypt / decrypt data. It provides all the tools developers need to succesfully combat spam.

Sample Code

C# - Call with basic data returned

This call will verify if twitter handle SingleFans69 exists in our database and will scan the body of one of their tweets for spam and offensive content. The results will be returned in a json file which you can parse within your application. Run the code to see the result yourself.

Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment;filename=DemoRun.json");
string GetSpamInfo = string.Format("{0}&APIkey={1}",
string ReturnResponse; 
using (WebClient client = new WebClient())
ReturnResponse = client.DownloadString(GetSpamInfo); 

Returned data set

"RetrievalDateTime": "2013-06-20T08:30:28.7272216-07:00",
"Description": "Analytics Data found in database for SingleFans69",
"KnownSpammer": "True",
"Target": "SingleFans69",
"Platform": "1",
"PlatformName": "Twitter",
"LastReported": "9/1/2011 1:20:47 PM",
"Type": "1",
"MarkedAs": "Account spammer",
"Weight": "6",
"Status": "Confirmed",
"Disputed": "False"
"RetrievalDateTime": "2013-06-20T08:30:28.7428222-07:00",
"Description": "No extra data to report for SingleFans69",
"ReturnCode": "0",
"Target": "SingleFans69"


Comprehensive manual available at Lionytics™ API development site

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